Titleist AP2 710 irons

Titleist always understand what aspiring golfers are looking for in a set of performance Irons. They know advanced performance in terms of distance and shot control is just simply not good enough anymore. Serious golfers want exceptional feel as well rather than performance at the cost of feel, which is often the case with most of the traditional ‘players’ irons like Titleist AP2 710 irons.

The new AP2 710s offer golfers exactly that. By conducting extensive research on sound and vibration analysis, they have managed to reduce the harsh lower frequency vibrations that causes poor feel in irons. This led them to develop and construct a forged steel iron set that combines several technologies and materials to accomplish the desired results.

I hit Titleist AP2 710 irons for some time and they were great clubs but I was ready to upgrade. When I played the AP2 710s for the first time I had difficulty getting the ball of and I was doing terrible. After the first 9 when i hit the back 9 my partners were shocked, my balls were flying and going farther then ever. Shot a 55 on the front 9 but after getting used to them saved the back 9 with a 38. I gained a couple of yard on my shots and I am able to control the club better.

TheĀ Titleist AP2 710 irons have been created with the serious golfer in mind. With their classic blade looks, improved feel and playability for excellent shot control, these multi material, dual cavity forged irons use the latest in ground-breaking technology to give golfers the advanced performance, increased distance and exceptional feel that they are crying out for.

These irons are lovely, and with a repeatable swing the feedback is quite superb. You know exactly how you’ve hit each shot, and there is certainly no disguising a poorly-struck effort. Not that there are too many of those, thanks to the cleverly tweaked sole. The leading and trailing edges have been rolled while the midsole has been flattened.

It sounds a little complicated but Titleist AP2 710 irons steel shaft essentially means that the way the club make contact with the turf (known as ‘interaction’ in the trade) has been analysed so that any drag on the ground is minimised. If you move the ball off the left or right toe you can vary the height, three shots without doing anything different. Take one club at a time, move the ball around and get some feedback.